Metallic Greenhouses in Kenya

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Greenhouse Farming
Greenhouse Farming

Metallic Greenhouse Prices

Galvanized Greenhouse Prices

Size (Metres) Type Price (Ksh)
8 x 15 Dome Ksh 255,000
Vented Ksh 275,000
8 x 24 Dome Ksh 385,000
Vented Ksh 408,000
8 x 30 Dome Ksh 425,000
Vented Ksh 450,000
16 x 30 Dome Ksh 780,000
Vented Ksh 810,000
24 x 30 Dome Ksh 1,120,000
Vented Ksh 1,140,000

Semi-Galvanized Greenhouse Prices

Size (Metres) Type Price (Ksh)
8 x 15 Dome Ksh 250,000
Vented Ksh 270,000
8 x 24 Dome Ksh 275,000
Vented Ksh 325,000
8 x 30 Dome Ksh 340,000
Vented Ksh 360,000
16 x 30 Dome Ksh 620,000
Vented Ksh 650,000
24 x 30 Dome Ksh 900,000
Vented Ksh 920,000

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Painted-Metal Greenhouse Prices

Size (Metres) Type Price (Ksh)
8 x 15 Dome Ksh 230,000
Vented Ksh 250,000
8 x 24 Dome Ksh 280,000
Vented Ksh 300,000
8 x 30 Dome Ksh 320,000
Vented Ksh 340,000
16 x 30 Dome Ksh 580,000
Vented Ksh 600,000
24 x 30 Dome Ksh 800,000
Vented Ksh 820,000

For purchase inquiries, contact us on 0720 803295

Kenya, known for its rich agricultural heritage, is a country that heavily relies on farming as a significant source of income and livelihood for its citizens. Still, the changeable climate patterns and limited technological advancements frequently hamper agricultural productivity in the region. Are you looking for effective metallic greenhouses?

Recently, metallic greenhouses in Kenya have revolutionized the way growers cultivate crops, enabling them to overcome challenges and yield advanced-quality produce. Metallic greenhouses, also known as essence frame greenhouses, are structures made of galvanized, semi-galvanized or painted steel poles covered in 200 micron plastic cover.

Why you should buy from us

Our greenhouses are designed to repel harsh rainfall conditions and protect crops from extreme temperatures, strong winds, and heavy falls. Our company prides itself in supplying greenhouses that are durable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.

One of the primary advantages of our greenhouses is their continuity. The frame structure of metallic greenhouses ensures life, allowing growers to make long-term investments without fussing about constant repairs and amendments. This continuity also allows growers to cultivate a wider variety of crops and experiment with different civilizational ways, contributing to a more diverse and sustainable agricultural ethic.

Also, our metallic greenhouses offer enhanced protection against adverse rainfall conditions. Kenya has dry and wet seasons, with downfalls and strong winds posing significant pitfalls to crops. Metallic greenhouses provide a solid and secure sanctum for shops, guarding them against wind damage, heavy downfall, and hailstorms.

Moreover, the transparent plastic covering the hothouse traps heat and increases the temperature inside, creating a favorable microclimate for the shops. This temperature regulation reduces the threat of frost damage during cold spells and promotes optimal growth conditions throughout the year.

Likewise, our greenhouses control civilization practices, allowing growers to optimize crop production. By adjusting the temperature, moisture, and irrigation situation inside the hothouse, growers can produce an ideal terrain for different crops. This control minimizes the reliance on natural rainfall conditions, enabling growers to extend growing seasons, cultivate high-value crops, and maximize crop yields. The increased productivity contributes to food security and profitable growth, as growers can supply a harmonious volume and yield to original and transnational requests.

In addition to the benefits for crop civilization, metallic greenhouses have positive environmental impacts. Cultivating crops inside greenhouses significantly reduces water operations as it allows for effective irrigation systems similar to drip irrigation. By controlling water operations, growers can optimize the consumption of this precious resource, reduce destruction, and minimize negative impacts on brackish vacuity in the region.

Also, metallic greenhouses alleviate the need for chemical fungicides as the enclosed structure provides a physical hedge against pests and conditions. This reduction in fungicide operations translates into a lower chemical runoff, eventually minimizing water pollution and improving overall environmental health. So are you looking for the best greenhouse setup? Then here is your answer:

In conclusion, our metallic greenhouses could transform the agricultural sector in Kenya. Their continuity, protection against adverse rainfall conditions, and controlled civilization practices offer advantages over traditional husbandry styles. Also, their environmentally friendly nature contributes to sustainable and effective crop products. If you are searching for durable greenhouses that will lead you to increased productivity, better food security, and enhanced profitable growth, our company has you covered!